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The Kiwi Quoting Process


We take several criteria into consideration, such as:

  • Source language vs Target language(s)

  • Requested service

  • By specialization



  • Translation - Per word.

  • Interpreting - Per hour/day.

  • Transcription + Translation - Per minute.

  • Subtitling - Per minute.

Criteria + Volume per Unit = Quote

Urgent jobs double the cost

Equipment rentals are charged separately.



Your content is very valuable, and it may contain sensitive information.

  • Be mindful not to share it with anyone before signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  • Do not hand over your content to online quoting systems as your information could be distributed without your consent.


Why should you choose Kiwi?        

We offer maximum flexibility, customization and commitment to the needs of our clients. In addition, we ensure complete confidentiality while always offering the most optimal solutions to challenging project requirements.

Why choose Kiwi Language instead of a freelancer?

Our quality control process involves a thorough review and revision of the translated document by an expert Head Translator prior to delivery, a service not offered by any freelancer. In addition, all our translators and interpreters are thoroughly vetted prior to hiring and receive continual training and performance reviews. In short, you can trust Kiwi, while trusting an independent freelancer is like playing Russian roulette with the success of your project and/or business.

Why choose Kiwi Language Agency instead of a freelancer for an interpretation?

As above, but in addition, no freelancer has access to the necessary technology and ancillary equipment necessary to support an event. Furthermore, it is dangerous to trust the coordination of such events to a single freelancer, who, among other issues, can only interpret so many hours at a time, and who must be replaced by a different interpreter as their performance declines after a given number of hours. At Kiwi, we have multiple partnerships and multiple interpreters on-hand, which allows us to offer optimal solutions, options, and resources.

Is your service available nationwide and/or worldwide?

Yes, we deliver our translations to anywhere in the world. While it may not always be possible to offer the physical presence of an interpreter for interpretation projects in, say, Siberia, we take advantage of the many technological solutions now available - especially in light of social distancing restrictions - in order to solve customer requirements as they arise.

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